Bob Glaser

Bob Glaser, Smith & Associates Rising: Bob Glaser talks building a next-tier city, motivation and his coming out story On this episode of SPx, Joe sits down with Bob Glaser, president and CEO of Tampa Bay real estate titan, Smith & Associates. They compare St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District with Miami’s Wynwood and talk possibilities […]

Mario Farias

If it’s happening in St. Petersburg, Maria Farias is probably involved with it in some way, shape or form. From developing a new food hall at the Manhattan Casino to advocating for the area to become a yachting destination, Farias is passionate about every project he takes on, and he’s always eager to share the […]

Ruth Ross

INTRODUCTION Ruth Ross knew only two people in St. Petersburg when she relocated from California in 2017. Although she didn’t know much about the area when she arrived, she had a gut feeling she’d found a place where she could be part of something special. Fast forward to 2020 and the retired HR executive, consultant […]

Liz Dimmitt

As Managing Partner of Dimmitt Chevrolet, Liz Dimmitt has her hands full. Yet this relentlessly creative Pinellas County native has an extensive background as a “cultural strategist,” too, working with companies, cities, brands, and individuals to create unique cultural programming, events and experiences. It is her passion. Her hometown project is a 12,000-square-foot immersive, interactive, […]

Brian Auld – Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays are used to skepticism, but they’re also known for surprising people. One key ingredient in surviving their toughest years and successfully playing their most difficult cards has been President, Brian Auld. The Ivy League-educated former teacher arrived in St. Pete more than a decade ago as a single person with a […]

Barclay Harless: The millennial downtown banker

In a city like St. Petersburg, where young people are moving in and small businesses and startups thrive, financial needs are constantly evolving and banking is becoming more personal than ever.  That’s where Barclay Harless comes in. Harless has carved out a space for himself as the millennial downtown banker. This fifth-generation Floridian is the […]

Journey Partners: Making a home in St. Pete for their clients and themselves

The cross-country road trip is quintessentially American. Driving from Southern California to St. Petersburg, through the plains of Texas, Christian was lost in thought while Jon slept. The more than 2,000 mile journey was only half finished, they had a long way to go. Through Texas, New Orleans, and much of Florida – to the […]

Nathan Schwagler – Dali Museum Innovation Labs

Nathan Schwagler is the founding co-director and executive facilitator of the Dali Innovation Labs at Beach Drive’s own Salvador Dali Museum. The first of their kind, the Innovation Labs are thinking big and reimagining the traditional limits of a museum-patron experience. Their location is key. As the Southernmost anchor of Beach Drive, the Dali Museum is a vibrant […]