Photographer Clyde Butcher interprets ‘Dali’s Spain’

St. Pete Catalyst By Bill DeYoung Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter whose bright, colorful, sometimes alarming works defy perspective, time, space, common sense and even gravity. Clyde Butcher’s black and white art photography interprets landscapes: Trees and seas and clouds, rocks and swamps and forests, still and silent and moody and majestic. Rooted in […]

New exhibitions – and a visit from Monet – at the Museum of Fine Arts

St. Pete Catalyst By Bill DeYoung Two new exhibitions, both opening May 5 at St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts, couldn’t be more different. While one consists of abstract art in a colorful myriad of media, the other offers up a tight focus on stark black and white photography. Yet there’s a powerful thread running […]

Museum of Fine Arts preserves antiquities with beer

St. Pete Catalyst By Bill DeYoung As the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts’ fourth annual Beer Project approaches, its motto – “Drink With Purpose” – has never seemed more appropriate. Proceeds from the July 19 and 20 fundraisers will be funneled directly into the conservation and preservation of the museum’s five mosaics from the […]

Pier artist Janet Echelman: The Catalyst interview

St. Pete Catalyst By Bill DeYoung The only consistent thing about public art is that everyone will have a different opinion of it. The word “public” kind of ensures that. Thursday’s rejection of artist Janet Echelman’s sculpture by the St. Petersburg City Council brought the city’s sometimes-raging public art conversation to a close. For now. […]

Off Beach: The Florida Holocaust Museum observes Yom HaShoah

Join the Florida Holocaust Museum in honoring those who died during the Holocaust. Yom HaShoah is known to most as Holocaust Remembrance Day. This year, in observance of the occasion, The Florida Holocaust Museum (The FHM) invites the community to visit the Museum free of charge all day on Thursday, April 12, 2018. The Yom […]

Say hello to

We’d like to welcome our recently launched sister site,! St. Petersburg’s Pier has been one of its most beloved landmarks and the focal point of its stunning waterfront. Arguably, the Pier played a large part in the development of the bustling Beach Drive district of today. is a community platform – rich with […]

On Beach, people watching is more than a pastime.

Paris cafés, New Orleans bars, New York restaurants, London pubs. It’s not just the coffee, the cocktails, the bites and the brews that draw people to these places. You won’t necessarily find it mentioned in the Fodor’s guidebook, but the spots have a true sense of character where the real attraction is the people watching. […]