‘Van Gogh Alive’ extended through June 13 at the Dali

Vincent van Gogh will remain “alive” at the Dali Museum, at least through June 13.

That’s a considerable extension for the immersive, walk-through experience created by the Australian design company Grande Experiences. “Van Gogh Alive” debuted at the Dali in November, and was originally scheduled to move on to its next destination April 11.

Not even art historian and aficionado Dr. Hank Hine, the Dali Museum’s executive director, anticipated the popularity of the exhibit, which combines high-resolution digital projections of van Gogh’s works – on the walls, floors and ceilings, and in multiples, all synchronized to a booming classical music soundtrack.

“We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to ‘Van Gogh Alive’ from a wide range of audiences,” Hine said in a prepared statement.

“The experience blends art and technology to educate visitors about Vincent van Gogh’s development as an artist and the rhythms of his turbulent life. We are pleased to be able to extend its run. Such meaningful art experiences are particularly needed and important at this historic moment.”

“Van Gogh Alive” includes more than 3,000 images.

When “Van Gogh Alive” premiered a week before Thanksgiving weekend, Hine explained that the iconic Dutch artist had much in common with Salvador Dali, the Spanish surrealist whose works are housed in the venerable St. Pete Museum.

They were not contemporaries, but both artists had a “sense that this world was unstable and ever-changing. And they thought the physical world could be pried back by the way you revealed it in art. And revealed the inner truth of what the world was like.”

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