St. Pete store owners expand to new location on Beach Drive

The Martinez family has been drawing shoppers to St. Pete’s fashion scene with menswear boutique Sartorial Inc. since 2017. Now, they’ve expanded their influence on Beach Drive by opening a new men’s clothing store called ‘Style’.

Sartorial Inc. is the brainchild of owner Jose Martinez and his son Jelani, who bring over 30 years of combined experience in both business and fashion to the family-owned establishment. The boutique at 400 Beach Dr. NE lives up to its name by offering custom suiting, curated collections of “premium luxury” menswear and accessories designed for year-round wear.

Sartorial’s success on Beach Drive became the catalyst for the family’s latest venture, Style, which quietly opened at 300 Beach Drive NE in October 2023. Owner Jose Martinez describes Style as a “value premium” store, tailored to “older teens to first-time home buyers.”

Style is now open at 300 Beach Dr. NE Suite #105. Photo: Ashley Morales

“Our goal is to help them look polished, even if they don’t have the ability to pay premium pricing,” Martinez explained.

Martinez said Style aims to cater to the needs of St. Pete’s growing younger demographic by offering quality clothing at a lower price point. The store’s strategic location just steps away from Sartorial allows the Martinez family to capture a new market segment in men’s fashion.

“We have a lot of younger folks who have moved into St. Pete and they are looking for a place to buy work-related items, as well as upgrade their look,” Martinez said. “They’re trying to figure it out, and that’s really hard to do. But if you’re looking for a pant that you can wear to work or go out on a date on the weekend, Style is the place to find that.”

Martinez said the opening of Style represents his family’s commitment to evolving fashion trends and meeting the diverse needs of their expanding customer base. He added that Style wouldn’t be possible without the growing support of St. Pete residents.

“Our experience on Beach Drive has been extraordinarily wonderful. The community has supported us and we have returned the favor,” Martinez said. “The first year, it was skewed to a lot of visitors who understood what we were offering [at Sartorial Inc.] you can typically only get in New York, Georgetown, Dallas. But we brought it to St. Pete and it definitely has worked. Each and every year, the level of local support has grown.”

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