PedalPub St. Petersburg is on the road again

After a lengthy Covid-related hiatus, PedalPub St. Petersburg is on the road again – and owner Eric Olson couldn’t be happier to welcome guests back on board to pedal, sing and drink their way through downtown St. Pete. Due to the pandemic, though, Olson has added some enhanced safety protocols. For now, only private “social bubble” tours are available, where all participants know each other directly or through the renter. They’ll also limit the number of bar and restaurant stops to one or two and will spend more time sightseeing, with a special focus on murals located throughout downtown. However, Olson is confident there’s still plenty of fun to be had for both first-time and veteran PedalPub patrons – and that’s something everyone can certainly use more of in 2020.

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Keara McGraw