Start: Nov 15, 2017
Finish: Nov 19, 2017

Et Cultura

Last year, St. Petersburg met Et Cultura for the first time. Now, the festival moves into year two with a new vision: to spread throughout St. Petersburg’s central corridor and beyond. Et Cultura is a 5-day celebration of Creative Culture in St. Pete, curated to focus on five creative branches: Interactive, Music, Film, Art, and Makers. Each day is filled with an artfully designed calendar of events, giving visitors a unique experience to the scale of large art festival cities throughout the country. In this manner, St. Petersburg shows off talent rivaling that of culture capital cities like Austin, New York, and Chicago.

Et Cultura invites nationally and internationally acclaimed innovators, thinkers, musicians, filmmakers, and artists to join local St. Pete artists and community leaders to make something larger. This platform allows them to exchange ideas, collaborate, and showcase their work alongside one another. In doing so, Et Cultura elevates St. Petersburg’s already growing stature as a destination for arts, culture, and technology.